Performance Skin Treatments

Performance Skin Treatments

Includes corrective treatments for YOUR skin concerns.

SIGNATURE BESPOKE CLASSIC FACIALS – Ranging from Deep Cleansing, Repair, Glow, Firming Facials including a range of active powerful skin products. Achieve radiant, healthier, glowing skin.

REJUVENATE AND REVITALISE – Delivering outstanding result to the look of your skin, A-Zyme peel combines Retinol and Enzymes. Suitable for normal, dry and oily skins.

HYDRATE AND FIRM – Key concerns: dry, dehydrated, lack lustre skin. Latic acid hydrates the skin to create plumpness and instant dewiness.

RADIANCE AND GLOW – Key concerns: dull, blotchy, uneven skin. Brightening Accelerator mask with a specific cocktail of tried and tested fading ingredients to deliver brighter and more even skin.

CLEAN AND CLEAR – Key concerns: oily, congested, breakout skin. Mandelic Acid exfoliates the skin to provide skin clarity and a deep cleanse.

MICRODERMABRASION INCL PEELS AND INFUSIONSThis is a DEEP cleansing, revitalising treatment. A UltraSound Vitamin Infusion and/or facial peel may be included. Shoulder massage – feel refreshed!

DermaLUX LIGHT THERAPYRelax and enjoy the benefits of LED Skin Therapy Light Treatments. Helps improve: circulation in the dermis, repair damaged skin, antiagind (collagen/elastin stimulation), soothe, hydration assistants, fine line improvement. Includes deep cleanser prior to treatment. Single treatment $50 or PACKAGES available.

Sarah only uses high Quality, effective treatment products with all skin treatments.