Advanced Skin Treatments

Advanced Skin Treatments

Highly effective Advanced skin treatments

EXCEED Medical Micro Skin Needling

  • $270 – 60 Mins

The Ultimate Medical Microneedling! Utilising advanced German made technology.

With micro injury to stimulate the skins nornaliseing processes. It will help the skin to produce more collagen Induction. This in turn will rejuvenate the skins youthful appearance. This a powerful treatment that most skin types can have.

It works to quickly rejuvenate the skin by maintaining healthy levels of collagen and elastin and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, coarse texture, acne scarring, PORE size reduction and dull skintone. This treatment includes LED and/ or EPI Nouvelle hydrating mask.

Obagi Salicylic Blue Radiance Peel

  • $140 – 40 Mins

This peel is a Saliclyic (BHA) based which is for skin than requires : breaking down congestion, refining thickened skin, Mild to moderate Acne Skin. It helps take down inflammation within the infected skin and reveal a brighter, healthier skin.

Vita Peel (modified Jessner Peel)

  • $140 – 45 Mins

A modified Jessner Peel – ideal for ageing or sundamaged skin, potent high strength BHA and AHA’S. Rapidly exfoliates surface congestion and helps diminishing appearance of dark spots and pigmentation – to revel a brighter, clearer completion – wonderful peel. Prepping is required before this peel – consult with Dermal Therapis.

*All Peel Packages are available and can be mixed and matched according to your skins requirements*