Located at 194 Derby Street Penrith, Sarah provides a range of high quality rejuvenating skin treatments

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Welcome to SJK Cosmedic Skincare

 Dedicated to delivering high quality Treatments and skincare services

Located at 194 Derby Street, Penrith. Sarah has 0ver 20 years experience as a skin/dermal therapist with a real passion for helping her clients achieve their “Your Best Ever Skin” with a realistic, authentic & proven professional treatment journey.

Ultraceuticals at the forefront

Dr Heber and his highly skilled team of Australian and international formulators are dedicated to creating potent, effective products under the Ultraceuticals label. Ultraceuticals is at the forefront of innovation and uses only the latest available ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones.

With a combination of sophisticated delivery systems, proven new ingredients and proven anti-ageing stars such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), each product is formulated with maximum safety and effectiveness, so you get results which you can actually see.

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SJK Cosmedic Skincare: For All Things Skin, With Effective Skin Treatment Solutions

Location: 194 Derby Street, Penrith NSW 2570 (within The Cosmedic Room)

Phone:   0420 310 003

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