Performance Skin Treatments

Performance Skin Treatments

Corrective Services for YOUR skin concerns

SIGNATURE BESPOKE CLASSIC FACIALS – A variety of facial treatments from Deep Cleansing, Repair, Glow, Firming Facials including a range of active powerful skin products, vitamin infusions, mask and massage.  Achieve radiant, healthier, glowing skin. From $120-$150 1 hour 15mins 


Delivering outstanding result to the look of your skin, A-ZYME peel combines high levels of Vitamin A (Retinol) and exfoliating Enzymes from Pineapples ( Suitable for normal, dry and oily skins) $150 1 hour


Key concerns: dry, dehydrated, lack lustre skin. Latic acid peel helps hydrates the skin to create plumpness and instant dewiness $120


Key concerns: dull, blotchy, uneven skin. Brightening Accelerator mask with a specific cocktail of tried and tested fading ingredients to deliver brighter and more even skin.

CLEAN AND CLEAR – Key concerns: oily, congested, breakout skin. Mandelic Acid exfoliates the skin to provide skin clarity and a deep cleanse $120

ADVANCED MEDICAL MICRODERMABRASION (includes infusion and/or peel – mask)

This is a DEEP cleansing, revitalising treatment. A UltraSound Vitamin Infusion and/or facial peel may be included. Shoulder massage – feel refreshed! $150

DermaLUX LIGHT THERAPY – 30 minutes to Relax and enjoy the benefits of LED Skin Therapy Light Treatments! Helps improve: circulation in the dermis, repair damaged skin, antiaging (collagen/elastin stimulation), soothe, hydration assistants, fine line improvement. Includes deep cleanser prior to treatment. Single treatment $65 or PACKAGES available.

Sarah only uses high Quality, effective treatment products with all skin treatments.

ALL above Services can be combined into more Advanced, layer facial treatments according to results and current skin condition.